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“What is literary fiction?”
Literary fiction breaks many of the rules of conventional novel writing. But are there some rules that can’t be broken?
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“How to write a limerick”
There once was a man from Nantucket…
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New books

The Drowned TownFREE ebook

Drowned Town_Katherine Luck
Blasting along a deserted stretch of highway in a battered car rattling with empty vodka bottles, a young woman is apprehended by the police. With her, she carries a stack of books written in long-dead languages, a fantastically expensive fur coat, and a loaded gun. And what everyone—including the woman herself—wants to know is what she’s doing in middle-of-nowhere Texas, long after midnight, hundreds of miles from home.

Surging from an insular religious community hidden in the heart of New York City to a vast estate overrun by a powerful family of criminals to a lost town buried under a lake, this mini novella is flooded with suspense, unexpected twists, and dark humor.

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False Memoir: Based on an Untrue Story

false memoir katherine luck
When journalist Katherine Luck set out to write a book about a serial killer, she never expected to get caught up in a terrifying mystery.

Twelve years earlier, veteran crime reporter Jack O’Lies became notorious for his disturbingly perceptive articles about an unidentified murderer who was terrorizing Seattle…one who eventually murdered Jack’s wife.

Now another killer is stalking the city. And Jack, an alcoholic with a violent temper who’s one drink away from being fired, is obsessed with finding out who he is. But this time, Jack is the one in danger.

To save himself, Jack must share his darkest secrets with someone. And the person he chooses is Katherine. But that might be the worst mistake he’s ever made. And writing this book might be the worst mistake she’s ever made.

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I Lock My Door Upon Myself
A short novella about a long life.



A Bullet Through the Heart (working title)

Noir lady with gun

A new noir detective novella.
Genre: Thriller
Status: Draft 1

My Books

cure for summer boredom katherine luck
False Memoir_Katherine Luck
In Retrospect by Katherine Luck

FREE ebook

Drowned Town_Katherine Luck

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