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  • How to create a fictional language
    Creating your own fictional language can be an effective way to add depth to a story and strengthen your worldbuilding. And it's easier (and more fun) than you think!
  • How to write like Ian Fleming
    Seven tips that will transform a story from a simple thriller into a heart-pounding, James Bond style masterpiece.
  • How to write a sonnet
    Sonnets aren't just a joy to read, they're also easy to write. You just have to learn a few simple facts about what makes a poem a sonnet.
  • How to write like Makayla Love
    I love being able to just disappear into another world with these new friends I’ve made and see what’s happened to them, or to put myself in their shoes and pretend I’m someone else for a while.
  • How to write like a dog
    People love dogs. A lot. So why not write your next novel, short story, social media post, poem, blog post, or greeting card from the point of view of man’s best friend?
  • How to write like a journalist
    Journalism isn't just for journalists. Whether you’re a poet, novelist, blogger, copywriter or aspiring reporter, learning how to write like a journalist is guaranteed to make you a better writer and storyteller.
  • How to write like Dr. Seuss
    To paraphrase the Cat in the Hat himself, learning to write like Dr. Seuss is fun, "but you have to know how." Let's find out how, right here and right now!
  • How to write like Raymond Chandler
    Whether you're a mystery writer looking to add an authentic pulp fiction vibe to your next story, or just want to learn to craft a creative simile, one of the best authors to turn to is Raymond Chandler.
  • Indie authors wanted
    If you’re an independently published author who has at least one book currently available from a retail bookseller like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Kobo, we would love to hear from you.
  • How to write like Renee April
    Nothing’s original, but character voice makes you stick around. Character voice is the most important aspect of any storytelling medium, in my opinion. I think writers need to focus on their voice and what makes their story stand out.

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