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  • How to write an essay
    Everything you need to know to write an essay for school, work or your creative writing project (yes, everything!)
  • How to write a novel in 30 days
    Is it possible to write a novel in a month? Yes! These 5 tips — each of which I've personally tested — will help you do it.
  • How to write like K. Elliott
    "I think strong characters are essential. You want to get your audience invested in your characters, and you want to show the different dimensions of their personalities. Even when you're writing a villain, I believe it is essential to show humanity in the villain."
  • How to write a prologue
    Your prologue is not a Wikipedia page about your book, and other helpful hints about a most divisive literary device.
  • How to write a limerick
    There once was a man from Nantucket...
  • How to write a MacGuffin
    MacGuffins are a very popular and very controversial storytelling device. Some think they’re props for bad writing. Others say they help make a story exciting. The truth is, both opinions are right. These four tips will help you create a great MacGuffin.
  • How to write a poem like ‘The Raven’
    "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe has many admirers but few imitators. Though it's a very complex poem, these 6 tips will help you understand how it works and show you how to write your own "Raven."
  • How to write like Edgar Allan Poe
    Ready to write something scary? Poe's stories are still considered masterpieces of horror writing to this day. These six tips will help you craft a tale of terror just like Poe.
  • How to create a fictional language
    Creating your own fictional language can be an effective way to add depth to a story and strengthen your worldbuilding. And it's easier (and more fun) than you think!
  • How to write like Ian Fleming
    Seven tips that will transform a story from a simple thriller into a heart-pounding, James Bond style masterpiece.

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