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  1. What are you eating?

    07/06/2018 by Katherine Luck


    Talking books, boredom, and the world’s strangest pizza topping with Linda Hill.

  2. What Truman Capote, Sylvia Plath, and a supermodel have in common

    06/28/2018 by Katherine Luck

    Cherries in the snow lipstick

    I have no idea why I know that Cherries in the Snow is a particular color of lipstick. Am I aware of it purely due to the insidious power of marketing? Or is there greater cultural significance to this oddly-named makeup?

  3. How to write a bestseller in one easy step

    06/02/2018 by Katherine Luck

    Dorothy Parker book

    The road to genius is paved with blatant imitation.

  4. Emily Dickinson reviews Japanese candy

    05/23/2018 by Katherine Luck

    Emily Dickinson poem

    The gloom of night is swept away
    As by a scouring broom—
    Dawn’s golden-fingered beams reveal
    A curious mushroom.

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