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  1. The darkest secrets of Choose Your Own Adventure books

    06/16/2018 by Katherine Luck

    “Almost everyone who reads these books goes back to the beginning after reaching an ending, wondering what would have happened differently if they had made other decisions. It’s a very powerful tool for teaching as well as entertaining.”

    But what were the Choose Your Own Adventure books teaching young readers in the 1980s?

  2. What is glitter?

    06/08/2018 by Katherine Luck

    What is it made of? When was it invented? Most important of all, what would happen if someone baked it into a cake and ate it?

  3. How to write a bestseller in one easy step

    06/02/2018 by Katherine Luck

    Dorothy Parker book

    The road to genius is paved with blatant imitation.

  4. Emily Dickinson reviews Japanese candy

    05/23/2018 by Katherine Luck

    Emily Dickinson poem

    The gloom of night is swept away
    As by a scouring broom—
    Dawn’s golden-fingered beams reveal
    A curious mushroom.

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