How to write like Ernest Hemingway

This is the big Kahuna. The guy with an app named after him. The generalissimo of sturdy, stark, macho American prose. The one and only author that your dad, your boss, your pothead roommate, your English teacher, and that Guy in Your MFA all agree is a Good Writer™.

Can you learn to write like America’s most consistently admired author? Indeed you can. But there are five very important steps you must take.

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What are you eating?


I recently joined Linda Hill over at Linda’s Book Bag for a talk about books, keeping summer boredom at bay, and the world’s strangest pizza topping.

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What Truman Capote, Sylvia Plath, and a supermodel have in common

I have no idea why I know that Cherries in the Snow is a particular color of lipstick. Am I aware of it purely due to the insidious power of marketing? Or is there greater cultural significance to this oddly-named makeup?

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The ultimate summer cake recipe

I first became aware of Midsummer cake when writing The Cure for Summer Boredom.

Called “the most typically Swedish tradition of all,” Midsummer is an annual celebration of the summer solstice with all the Nordic trappings you might expect: maypole dancing, singing, flower crowns, booze, more booze, and cake. Traditional Midsummer cake is called jordgubbstårta and is usually made with strawberries. But in my book, the protagonist, Ruby, decided to swap the strawberries for something a little more glitzy.

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