The Delve

  • A 10-word story
    "Funeral Notice" Continue reading →
  • Your old photo album might be worth millions
    It all depends on whose photos are inside. This one contains some of the rarest pictures of all time. Continue reading →
  • The longest concert ever
    Way back in 2001, a concert began in a small town in Germany. And it never stopped. It’s still going, in fact. Want to attend? No rush — the performance won’t end until the year 2640. Continue reading →
  • Got a dollar?
    Take that dollar and turn it into an ebook and a penny! You'll love this 99-cent ebook, guaranteed. Continue reading →
  • What’s the worst writing advice of all?
    For me, and for many writers I've encountered over the years, it's that old chestnut, "Write like you speak." Continue reading →
  • Did Truman Capote have a photographic memory?
    Did the author of "In Cold Blood" and "Breakfast at Tiffany’s" have an incredible memory? Or did he fabricate the quotes in his famous interviews? Continue reading →
  • Good news for people who like free books
    Get a free copy of the new mini novella, "The Drowned Town." What's the catch? There's no catch! Continue reading →
  • The reason Frida Kahlo never smiled
    In her paintings, Frida Kahlo exposed every inch of her body to public scrutiny. With one notable exception. Continue reading →
  • The terrible tale of the Kentucky Fried romance novel
    "Tender Wings of Desire" is more than just a romance novel starring Colonel Sanders. It's a tale of missed opportunity for KFC. Indeed, it might be the biggest mistake the company’s ever made. Continue reading →
  • Jane Austen reviews Japanese candy
    “Do tell us at once, Captain Middlebury, what that strange object might be,” cried Mrs. Rawlings. “I, for one, have never seen such a curiosity in all the county. Surely it is another of your wonderful importations from abroad.” Continue reading →


How to Write Like

  • How to write haiku
    Writing a rudimentary, no-frills haiku is easy. You can do it in 60 seconds. However, if you want to go beyond the basics and create a truly amazing haiku, you’ll need to take your time and do a little extra work.
  • How to write like yourself
    We write what we know, but do we really know how we write? Indie author Doug Schwartz explains how to write like yourself.
  • Get a free ebook!
    A free copy of the new mini novella, "The Drowned Town," is all yours. Here's how to get it.
  • How to write a deus ex machina ending
    Deus ex machina has a bad reputation. And not without reason. This highly contrived way of solving an unsolvable problem in a work of fiction is one of the hallmarks of sloppy writing. Still, as a plot device, deus ex machina isn’t 100% bad if you know how to use it correctly.
  • How to write like Jane Austen
    At first glance, it seems easy to write like Jane Austen. But it’s actually a lot trickier than it looks.
  • How to write like Ann Livi Andrews
    I used to feel that the full story was swimming around in my head and I was simply netting it out of the water as I wrote it down, but now I take a much more in-control approach to my writing
  • How to write like E.E. Cummings
    If you’re ready to shake off the shackles of conventional rhyme and meter, but don’t know where to begin, there’s no better place to start than learning to write like E.E. Cummings.
  • How to write like Ian S. Bott
    To me, the point of writing is to benefit the reader in some way. Where I get my gears in a grind over literary fiction is when it seems to be written more for the glorification of the author than for the benefit of any reader.
  • How to write like Dorothy Parker
    Whether you’re a poet, essayist, critic, or fiction writer, learning to write like Dorothy Parker can seriously up your composition game.
  • How to write like Claire Buss
    Just like baking, it’s important to have all the ingredients and mix them well! Good storytelling shines through, I think, and the more you write, the better you become.

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