You’re probably asking yourself, who the hell is Katherine Luck?
The explanation can be found in 10 questions and 9½ answers:


Q1. Are you related to NFL quarterback Andrew Luck?
I like to think of him as my fake brother from my father’s imaginary secret family. And I’m sure he feels the same.


Q2. Where are you?
Existentially, wandering around one the lower astral planes located at the convergence zone between angst and ennui. Physically, Seattle (pretty much the same place).


Q3. Have you written any other books I might have read?
Nope. Just this one.


Q4. Why did you write a fictional memoir,
I was a journalist at the time. All the cool reporters were doing it. See also: cigarettes, day-old black coffee, and making fun of people who use The Chicago Manual of Style.


Q5. Is your internal monologue really a swirling maelstrom of fiction tropes, internet snark, 19th-century literary references, The Simpsons quotes, and corporate jargon?
I worked as a marketing copywriter at a book publishing company for several years. So, yes.


Q6. Do you actually know what the word “maelstrom” means?
Let me answer that question with another question: Have you read my book reviews in this West Coast newspaper? I think we can admit the answer to both questions is, “No.”


Q7. Is it true you like to force famous dead authors to rise from the grave, eat Japanese candy, and write uncompensated product reviews for your blog?
Well, it sounds creepy as hell when you put it that way.


Q8. And what scintillating piece of prose did you produce today?
Probably something about Svalbard.


Q9. What’s the most obnoxious thing you ever did when you were bored?
Well, I wrote this…


Q10. What does any of this have to do with your upcoming novel, The Cure for Summer Boredom?

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