Adventures in Journalism

A whirlwind tour of the journalistic arts…


Famous People!

“‘A lot of people who have chemical imbalances use drugs to change how they feel,’ Fisher explained.”

“Wishful Drinking”
Interview with Carrie Fisher
Journal Newspapers


“‘You have to have a cucumber sandwich. It’s so British,’ she said.”

Duchess of York

“The Duchess Came to Tea”
Interview with Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York
Journal Newspapers


“’I don’t want people whose mums and dads chose their music, or someone who picks a safe song.’”

X-Factor Seattle

“Seattle has ‘The X-Factor’”
Interview with Simon Cowell
Journal Newspapers


Wild Animals!

“We have breeding programs set up here with many of our endangered species. Short of dimming the lights and playing some Barry White in the background, we’ll do everything to set the proper mood.’”

‘The mating game: How local zookeepers play matchmaker for lions, tigers … and snails”
Journal Newspapers


Natural Disasters!

“Three skiers died when an avalanche struck near the Stevens Pass ski area in the Cascade Mountains of north-central Washington, King County Sheriff’s spokeswoman Sgt. Cindi West said. She said eight other people listed as missing following the avalanche had been found alive and unharmed.”

“Four dead in Washington state avalanches”


Eating Bugs!

“‘Tarantulas are way tastier than you would think. Much tastier than a caterpillar. Their body armor is not crunchy, but chewy.'”

How to eat grasshoppers

“Seattle’s scariest chef will get you to eat a bug”
Journal Newspapers

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