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06/01/2018 by Katherine Luck

Then I’ve got the cure.

Cure For Summer Boredom book

When I get bored, I write novels. Introducing my latest: The Cure for Summer Boredom.

What’s it all about? Well, let’s see …

It’s summer in the little town of Somwärin, Texas, where the most anticipated event is a wrestling match between a man in a bear-suit and a bear in a man-suit. To Ruby Bejou, it looks like just another boring summer. And when Ruby’s bored, she makes trouble.

But this year, things are different. Her daddy accidentally starts a cult for long-haul truckers. Her big sister is on a mission to win a cutthroat beauty pageant and won’t let anything get in her way—except maybe her enormous boobs. Her little sister is out to destroy the town bully, even if it sparks an international diplomatic incident with the entire nation of Sweden.

And Ruby? She’s determined to stay out of trouble. With the help of a psychic newspaper editor, a tooth witch who transforms coins into teeth, and a forbidden library guarded by the entire town, she just might cure her summer boredom for good.

I’m blogging the whole book this summer, one chapter per week, at Stop by and check it out.

Want a quicker cure for your summer boredom? Grab a copy of the paperback or ebook from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and everywhere else. And don’t forget to stop by Goodreads to say hi. It’s my favorite place to go for a quick vacation.

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